Friday, 30 November 2012

Majorca part twelve - Soller & the trams.

What a gorgeous day today was. Sunshine, hot and bright, early on. We set off back through the mountains on our way to Soller. Although we'd only 'done' this road the day before, it was still massively impressive! We passed the turning to Lluc monastery - we were now in new territory! The road passed through a tunnel but, looking at those cracks, I made sure we were in and out ASAP {:-0

On the other side was a marked viewpoint, so we stopped. You can see our little car here with Sue - it did about a million miles to the gallon!

The dam that held back the reservoir.
 Looking up the reservoir with the mountains behind. The level of the res' looks quite low. According to the map, it's called 'Embassament des gorg Blau'.

Unfortunately, Majorca's highest mountain,  Puig Major (1,445 m), cannot be climbed as it belongs to the military. You can see one of their installations on top of it.
 We also saw these things, which look identical to acorns, but are not. They are a local delicacy, which when ripe, are roasted and eaten.
 This reservoir was also looking very low, lower than the first one. We walked around it in the now hot sunshine, just enjoying the lovely day before continuing our drive to Soller.

 We stopped at a small cafe, which is renowned as a good viewpoint. Here, you can see why. Although not perfect conditions, as it was a little hazy, it was still a great view over Port de Soller, below us.
 We dropped down the steep road to Soller town, from where we could catch the tram down to the port. This was another 'must do' as many people had told us the ride was lovely. We found a shady lay-by to park the car out of the sun, and walked along the tiny streets into the town. At the end of the street, the bustling market square opened up in front of us. Although it was a Thursday, it was exceptionally busy with people just passing time, sitting in the sun, chatting, or just eating and drinking.
 You can see the facade of the church (above), and the beautifully laid square floor (below).
 All at once we heard a clattering, and over our shoulder, one of the trams appeared.
 They really are lovely old fashioned things, in superb condition, polished and clean.
 The fare was five euros each way. You can go all the way to Palma city on the tram, along what is described as one of the best tram journeys in the world. We didn't have the time for the 'full monty' today, wanting to explore the port and this town.
 There were many artisan ice cream makers here, all showing off their confection in large glass displays. I don't eat a lot of ice cream, but this really tempted Sue and I.

 Now that's what I CALL an ice cream.
 "Oh - is this all I get?????"
 After our treat, we made our way across the main square and up to the tram station, stopping to admire the wonderful church, with it's wonderful stone masonry and round window.

 That floor would not look out of place in a kitchen!
 Locals, just chewing the fat and having a relaxing siesta.
 In this climate, there are incredible displays of flowers everywhere.
 The tram terminus, with 'spares' waiting in the wings.

 Here comes our ride.

A video taken from the tram. The journey only takes about 20 minutes, but the views on the way are terrific. I can see why it's a 'must do'.

 We're going to the seaside, we're going to the seaside.......

 Dropping down towards the port, with stunning mountain views along the way.

 The line runs parallel with the road in places.
 Soon, the long beach and front of Port de Soller came in to view. A lovely, hot day (about 33C), and lots of people were taking advantage, sunbathing and swimming.

A video of the seafront, taken from the tram.

 I never tire of these palms, they just look so RIGHT in these places.
 Lots of boats in the harbour. There's a few quids worth of engines alone on show here!
 Vessels ranged from fishing smacks, to expensive yachts.

 The pace here was VERY laid back. We enjoyed just people-watching and the warm sun.

 The cafes were getting busy as lunchtime approached.
 Fresh sardines and salad, with olive oil and bread - seven euros fifty -  it just HAS to be done.
 After the food and a beer, we walked the promenade.
 Some were getting a little more sun than others!
 The bay of Port de Soller.

We caught the tram back up to Soller, and had a bit of a job finding the car again! We knew roughly where it was, but the streets were SO narrow the GPS didn't work, and there is a distinct lack of signposts, so we resorted to using a compass (and it worked). We found the car, nicely shaded by a tree, and set off towards our next port of call - passing through Deia (home of Andrew Lloyd-Webber), and on to Valdemossa.

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