Monday, 19 November 2012

Majorca, part ten - the sunrise

BEEEEP, BEEEEP, BEEEEP - something I wasn't supposed to hear on holiday - my alarm!
We'd seen the perfect sunset, now it was time to welcome it back, and we rose early to make sure we were there to greet it. we drove the twisty, quiet (now) road from Puerto to Cap Formentor in darkness.
When we reached the lighthouse, it was blinking it's light at us. I stopped to capture it. Dawn was not at ALL evident at this point, and I had to use a very long exposure to get this picture.

All this excitement (for us) was just all in a days work for the mariners passing by, on their way to - who knows where?

 And then - creeping up on us - the whole thing started. The sky grew red, like it was angry, but the light was soft, bleeding, gentle as it grew in intensity.
 Looking past the lighthouse, which witnessed this spectacle every day, but today was OUR day.
 I stood, ready to capture every moment, and Sue captured my patience.

Here we go, and to our amazement, there were only FOUR other people there. A romantic couple (bless), and what looked like a professional photographer. He had a hand held SLR, and one on a tripod, taking a photo every second. He told us he was doing a 'sunrise montage'.
 The moment - the new day begins as the sun sneaks over the horizon.
 .....come's OK.....we won't harm you......

 In a burst of gold, it rises full in the sky, and starts to make everything light. The young rays were not warm in heat, but rich and warm in colour. 

 I do my best to impart the way Sue and I feel at such times, but you really HAVE to be there. This moment is really special, and no matter how many times I witness it, it never loses any of its impact.
 This is great too - the few clouds that were present had the effect of 'hiding' the new day. The sun goes behind, then, in a burst of glory and MUCH stronger light, comes over the top with a vengeance.
 We stood, almost coaxing it to re-appear.
 THERE you go!
 Now it's flexing its muscles - nothing can stop the golden glow now, it's on a roll.
 Next, the brilliant phenomenon of the sea, calm as it was today, reflecting the line of light as the sun rose higher.
 The rocks warm to the caress of the rays (sorry if I'm waxing lyrical here, but I've had some wine, and I really DO feel the moment coming back). I shouldn't apologise, as I feel SO lucky to feel the way I do about these special times in our life. To see the sunrise, then turn around and see the backlight like this.
 I LOVE to see Sue silhouetted like this as she captures a shot.

 This is the last of the fancy stuff - the sun now rises and the reds go. Now is the time for heat.
 These rocks show how powerful the rays were now. Even we could feel a new warmth in the day. Not that we were cold in the early part, it was balmy.
 You can click on this to see a panorama of the view from Cap Formentor.
 The lighthouse, bathed in the new days light.
 The sea, like a mill pond again, and looking rather inviting.
 The cliffs to the side of the lighthouse - sheer.
 OK Sue - it's time for us to head back for some breakfast.
 Looking back to Cap Formentor lighthouse
 Although things had now turned from gold to silver, they were in NO WAY devalued.
 The volcanic outlook of the mountains.
 Cala Figuera, now here was a place we fancied. First, some food, then we intended to come back here later. It looked like paradise, and when that sun had risen a little higher, the whole scene would be bathed in warmth - JUST what the doctor (and Sue) had ordered!
 This yacht was up early - and I can't say I blame him.
 On the way back, we passed Talala d'Albercutx (on the top, right|) where we witnessed the sun go down.
 Alcudia bay. No electric lights this morning - just the bathe of natural light. Which do you prefer?
 We just had to stop and check out the viewpoint in the early morning. Not a soul here, except us?
 A beautiful back-lit Talala d'Albercutx.
 The coast - with the new light now strong.
 Looking down, from the viewpoint.
 Another tunnel we had to pass through.

 Superbly clear view of the surrounding land and mountains.

Our tummies rumbling, we got back to the hotel in plenty of time for breakfast. As I drank my coffee and looked around, I really did pity the people that had slept through this perfect morning. It reminded me of when I did a cruise to Norway. I got up early every morning to witness the sunrise and our entry into each new fjord. Most people slept through it.
You can see those pictures here;


Andre Lay said...

Wow...these shots remind me of being at sea in the tropics. The show is brief but memorable. There is a point that lasts about one minute where the light, heat, and colour is perfect, and you wish you could pause it right at that moment.

Les, said...

You're right Andre - that moment is really special. We were SO lucky to choose the perfect morning and evening to watch the sun set and rise. The rest of the holiday was nowhere NEAR as clear :-)

Odeta said...