Friday, 9 November 2012

Majorca, part three, Cala de sant Vicenc.

In the morning, I went to the hotel desk to ask about the path the Cala de sant Vicenc. The conversation went something like this;
"Good morning sir, can I help you?"
"Yes, we'd like to walk to Cala de sant Vicenc, and wondered if you could tell us where the path starts"
"Oh, you can't go there these days sir, the government won't allow walking, as it damages the paths" (My face drops)
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - only joking, here - we have a map"

And that's what I mean about the staff - great sense of humour. He then proceeded to tell us every turn, he gave us a free map, and smiled at us as we left.
As soon as we left the buildings (which only took 20 minutes), the views over to the volcanic valleys and peaks opened up. This is a really vicious and severe terrain, very difficult to walk on, especially where there are no paths worn by many feet.
 And yet, among all this severity there is beauty. The flowers that grow in the wild are really striking, and mostly delicate.

 As we started to climb, the views back over the bay also opened up, and we could see across to another range of mountains. Also, the showers that had been forecast began. Sue, very uncharacteristically, had left her light raincoat back at the hotel, so we shared mine. The shower was short lived though, and we were soon able to emerge from our shelter.
 The path turned into a minor road, and twisted down towards CDSV.
 Just to our right was this amazing volcanic 'lump'. These sort of features just spring up all over the place. They look inviting to the walker, but unlike lakes peaks, these ones cut your boots to pieces, as they are so sharp.
 We reached the bay, some (quite a few) of the houses were really perched on the cliffs. I don't suppose they need a lot by way of foundations in this sort of terrain.
 I can see this would be really fabulous in sunny weather, but today, as you can see, was cloudy. It still had allure though, and the sea was a lovely colour.
 There was also quite a bit of action in it too. It was good to watch the waves breaking over the rocks. We spotted a snorkeler just swimming close to the cliffs. I quite fancied snorkeling here, but not today in this weather. We spoke to him, and he had been out for FOUR HOURS!! Now that's what I call dedication. 
 Looking across to the main hotel above the bay.

And looking out to sea, just BEGGING to be snorkeled!

 We had a walk down to the beach, not many people here today! That sky says it all.
 We retreated to a little bar JUST as the rain came. It really hammered down for about 45 minutes, but we sat and enjoyed a very nice salad with olives and bread, so we weren't bothered. By the time we'd finished, so had the rain. 

Just outside the bar, this tree looks as though they built the steps around it. I love the way they do that, it reminded me of that rock in Gran Canaria that they stuck a 'roundabout' sign on :-)
 Sue had another walk down to the beach, but drew the line at paddling.

 We had a walk round to the far side of the bay to get a different perspective.
 Then we decided to head back. We would have stayed a lot longer if the weather had been better, but there was always another day. On the path back, we followed this flock of what looked like grouse or pheasant? Whatever they were, they ran ahead of us for quite a while before turning off the path.
 Sue makes her way through the long grass.
 An impressive triple peak was over to out left.

 We also saw this egret in, of all places, a storm drain!

Today was the coolest we'd had so far, but the forecast was much better for tomorrow, so we planned to see what everyone was saying was a must - old Pollenca town.

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