Saturday, 10 November 2012

Majorca, part six, Puerto sunrise.

I make NO apologies for this posting, it's all sunrises! Self indulgent? Yes, but it's always been an ambition of mine to take really good sunrise pictures in an exotic location. If you view them as a slide show (by clicking on the first one), you'll get a better feel for them. If you're not into sunrises, skip to the next posting (part seven).

 The sun starts to glint over the Formentor peninsula.

 A deserted shore - people sleep, while all this beauty is here for free.

 Familiar on the shore (as opposed to 'stranger').
 Looking away from the point of rise - the sky detail is picked out in red by the light.

 Phoebus is about to make an appearance.

 Soft ripples welcome the day.

 Expectant glow.
 The first peep over the horizon.
 Sue, in awe of what's happening. It happens every day, I know, but it never ceases to amaze.

 The far side of the bay, now bathed in an early, warming glow.
Looking like an ocean of honey, fantastic!

 She's up, and doing her job.

What a rewarding morning, absolutely perfect.


Andre Lay said...

Gorgeous pics. A sunrise like this only truly belongs to its creator and those who view it real-time, regardless of how great the images are (and these are fantastic images).

Les, said...

I agree - being there is all, really.