Saturday, 10 November 2012

Majorca, part four, old Pollenca

Today we intended to visit what was described by lots of people as a 'must see' - old Pollenca town. After waiting at the bus stop for a short while, then chatting to another English couple, we decided to share a taxi. The buses are incredibly cheap, but four in a taxi is good value too. We were dropped off right in the centre, and headed first for the church. 

That circular window looks good, BUT it's only when you view it from INSIDE that the full beauty is realised.
The colours are amazing, and draw your eye from every corner of the church.
The inside, as is so often the case in these places, was opulent and richly decorated with frescoes, statues etc etc.
The ceiling would give the Sistine a run for its money.
The altar. We noticed strings of flowers hanging down, and wondered if it was some flower festival. We were told later, after we got back to Puerto, that it was for a wedding later that day. Friends and relatives did all the work. If only we'd have known, we'd have stayed to watch.
The women kept a steady stream of flower strings coming, as the men carefully hung them from the roof fittings. Each one deftly and delicately placed, it was a work of art and a labour of love. Looking closely at the strings of flowers, it was obvious that someone was carefully threading them with a needle onto the long strings - a bit like a professional daisy chain!
After exploring, we left the church to tour the tiny streets of Pollenca. No litter or dog fouling here, just lovely inlaid mosaic paths to tread and be proud of.
Some of the streets were so tiny, we could only just walk side by side, but oh, SO pretty.

The start of the steps up to the chapel on Cavalry hill. They say there are 365 of them - one for each day of the year. Sue HAD to count them as we set off, and she swears there are more!
Halfway up, and looking back down.
The chapel at the top. You can walk back down the steps, or go via a winding road with the 12 stations of the cross over to the right. We chose the road, along which a ceremony takes place every year in complete silence as they pass each station.

The views from the balcony are super across old Pollenca and the mountains beyond.
Looking towards Cala sa Vincenc.
You can click on this panorama to enlarge it.

Again I apologise for not knowing the name, but these purple flowers were so lovely, I just had to include them.
As we made our way back down, I received a text from my son saying that my grandson had started to say 'da-da'. Then, almost immediately, we passed this shop. SPOOKY!

We relaxed with a coffee in the square (well, it HAS to be done). Get a feel of the square by clicking on this panorama.

After our coffee, we made our way back to Puerto on the bus. The evening light was making the harbour really photogenic. That's why artists and photographers LOVE early and late - the light has a special quality about it.
Lots of harbour mullet just below us.

You can see what happens when you throw a lump of bread in the water.

Looking across the bay to the mountains.

The parasols look like big mushrooms.
The beach, now deserted once more.
In this shot, you can see the road to Cap Formentor dissecting the hillside. We'd be investigating that a LOT more soon.

As night fell, the bay and lights took on a whole new slant. I really can't get enough of this sort of thing. The water was calm, and the reflections amazing.
Barely ripples in the evening light.

Tomorrow, we planned to go to what would be paradise - Cala Boquer.

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