Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Majorca, part two, the pine walk and harbour.

After a really long and deep sleep, we felt 100% better and fully ready to holiday properly! We had breakfast on the patio, overlooking the mountains, and watched this little lizard make his way across the ceiling above us. I remember a holiday in France with my brother when we fed the lizards with titbits. Our patio was quite popular :-)

It was still early when we left, and the beach was fairly quiet. It was already warm, in the low twenties, and a good day was forecast.
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These beautiful flowers were everywhere, along with lots of other flora we don't usually see. 

Today, we decided to really explore the whole of the 'pine walk' right down to the harbour. We were interested in a boat trip that goes around Cap Formentor, beneath the cliffs, as it gave a much different aspect from the road (which we also intended to do when we got the car).

A sweep of Puerto Pollenca bay

The view of the bay and mountains was really good from the harbour.

Some of the boats were simple sailing or pleasure boats.
Views back to the mountains were inviting, to say the least!
As we moved deeper into the harbour, we saw where the really expensive boats were berthed. 

At the far harbour wall, we could see right across Alcudia bay to the mountains. This small boat was heading to the gap towards the open sea. The bay is a strange, protected shape, ideal for a harbour. It must have been a Godsend to early explorers.
Time to check out the side streets and bars that were just back from the sea front.
Also time for a beer, cheers! This one was at an 'Irish bar'. I was hopeful of maybe getting some real, live Irish music, as the walls were adorned with fiddles, drums etc. Alas, it seemed the only thing that made it 'Irish' was the fact they sold stout; "Yes, we DO have live music, there's a rock band on this Saturday"
(No thanks)

A steady walk back to the front, and what could be nicer than a light salad and a jug of sangria. The sangria at home is NEVER the same as abroad. maybe it only serves well with sunshine? This picture looks good larger (click on it).

The shady centre square of Puerto Pollenca. It just BEGS you to relax, doesn't it?

Cafes and tables line the streets, quiet now, as it's approaching the end of their season. Lots of places close down, including our hotel, for up to five months in the winter. It's hard to imagine this place cold, especially today in the 30 degree sunshine.
The old church in the centre of town, just next to the square. This place had a playground next to it, and we were amazed how much of a magnet it is for kids. No, not during the day, but at night! We passed here several times at around 10:00pm, and the place was PACKED.
Time to go back for dinner at the hotel. When we came out of our room, we were greeted by this lovely sunset, seen here over the roof of the hotel.

The question was, do we head back out for more walking along the pine walk at night, or do we stay and watch the evening entertainment in our hotel????

Hmmmm, I THINK we'll choose the former!

Evening reflections on the still waters of the bay I don't think I could ever get fed up with this sort of walk. We just drank in the relaxing mood of it all as we walked along the 'pine walk'.
I couldn't resist trying some tricks with my camera on the harbour lights.

At night, lots of 'pop-up' market stalls appear on the walk, selling everything you need for take home presents. They also did a nifty line in fake 'Pandora' bracelets and charms. Sue had been wondering why they (the bracelets) were so prolific here. In fact, she had commented that; "everybody's got one". For 12 euros for the bracelet, and six for each charm, we could see why.

All this walking wears a girl out, so I invited Sue for a jug of sangria and a sit down. She graciously accepted :-)

The way the trees were lit up at night here was a credit to the place. It made a simple tree romantic and beautiful.

Who WOULDN'T want to stroll along here?

Even the beach looked inviting in the lights.

You had a huge choice of where to do your relaxing and drinking, every one of them looked great. This one was a jetty poking out into the sea, with a stunning view of the Alcudia bay night lights.

This one was a simple lit patio, but again, as you can see, the end of season left it empty.
Palms made pretty.

The 'bird of paradise' flower. We knew this one from Madeira, where they grow in abundance.

Then it was time to go back. Tomorrow, we planned to go to another local beach, a short walk away, called 'Cala sa Vicence'. The forecast was for a bit of rain, but for now, it was a warm and balmy evening.

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