Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Gran Canaria, part eight.

We got to Playa Del Inglis early to drop off the car. No problems, no 'hidden extras', just good service and a smile. Great. We strolled down to the beach to take a look - the first time we'd been here. The dunes (which we would explore) are off to the right about a mile away.

We'd never SEEN so many dunes - and were eager to explore them! The view back to Ingles was good.

The view to the sea was not bad either. We knew it would be hard work walking up and down the dunes, but we were enjoying it, and there was a constant, cooling breeze.

NOW what Sue????
Oh come ON - after the 'playground' thing, I thought you'd start acting your age.

As IF!
From some angles, the sand looked endless.

The relentless sun & sand took its toll on Sue.

Is that enough for you, Sue?

We'll just take a stroll along th......WHAT!!!!!! MADAM!!!!

This guy wasn't getting much of a tan though.

We reached Maspalomas, and decided to just carry on walking. We'd been out already for about ten hours, but the body was still willing, and it was a beautiful afternoon.
Such a lovely promenade walk in the daytime. Later, we were to see it in all its night time glory too.

But for now, a cheery wave from Sue, still up for a walk (after a little sit-down). The small cove you can see is Melaneras. We only 'discovered' this late in the holiday, and found it to be a great swimming and sunning beach. Not as crowded as Maspalomas beach, and nicely tucked away from the breeze.

There were also lots of beach bars and cafe bistros to choose from. We chose this one becasue they said they did a very good paella. I told the guy I was fussy, and he said; if you don't like, you don't eat and don't pay. Near enough! As you can see, it came, and was a scrumptious panful of loveliness!

Oh, was I GLAD to pay - it was just divine!

We then decided to just sit, let dinner settle, and watch the waves for a while. There was a lot of action in the sea tonight.

And, of course, we just HAD to wait for the sun to set in this perfect sky. With being further round the headland, we were in the perfect position to get some good shots.

The golden orb was coming good!

 Fishing for a good sunset.

We sat in silence and just watched as it sank into the waves. What a perfectly delightful way to spend time.

Now for a long, steady stroll back. I treated us to a taxi for the bit from Maspalomas to our complex. It was then that Sue remarked that we had been out for THIRTEEN HOURS (and walking for most of them). This is the prom' at night. 

The big hotels took on a new light too, after dark. Some of the lighting arrangements were like a work of art.

This was the 'expensive' new part of Maspalomas. Here, there was no shortage of customers for the restaurants and bars. The food here WILL cost quite a bit more than the norm, but it IS very good. You get what you pay for, and if you want a treat, this is where you come.

WOW! This was the first time we'd seen the piazza at night. Money WELL spent, isn't it? This is how I'd love my home town of Bakewell to look after dark (not black, as it is now). These people really know how to make the most of what they've got, and show it off to its best advantage.

Just LOOK at this backlit waterfall - good during the day, but magical after dark.

Fountains, too, all lit up to accentuate the flow and colours.

Paradoxically, the 'cheap' side of town was very quiet tonight.

We saw this little fellow on the last part of our walk. I got the picture, and then we left him to his nocturnal perambulations.


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1st prize - Desiderata

2nd prize - Golden Orb

3rd prize - Hedgehog with attitude


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