Saturday, 28 April 2012

Gran Canaria, part seven.

On the drive that followed, there were just so many fantastic views that I could have taken a thousand pictures. This was just one of them.

 We came across a reservoir and, seeing the recreation area, decided to stop and investigate.

It looked a great place to just chill and barbeque, and today was just right - shame I hadn't brought a BBQ! Some of the clouds today were just fabulous. Also, see the pines across the ridge - almost looks like a line of people (the sort of thing you'd see on a bank holiday in the Lake District). 

After this, Sue insisted I HAD to see Porto Mogan, or 'little Venice', as it's known. This is the 'playa', or beach. The small water inlet goes right into the village, and is crossed by many bridges, hence the Venice tag. 

We decided to stop for a bite to eat with this lovely outlook. The waiter did us the honour of a picture. 

 But, of course, I HAD to have a go myself!
They have an 'attraction' here that reminded me of the Beatles - a REAL yellow submarine! It goes out to sea and lets people see the marine life and a wreck. Read more about it here;
 We walked along the prom, just letting lunch settle.
 The floral display in the village streets was very, very good. Every arched street was adorned with one or another flower, and the colours were amazing.

 The actual harbour looked crammed with boats of all sizes, some with 'for sale' notices on them

 A look down into the water saw lots of fish, my guess was harbour mullet - notoriously hard to catch due to them being soft-lipped.

One or two quite big ones! 
And the odd crab. 
 I would imagine these apartments with the lovely harbour view are quite popular (and probably expensive).
 Then it was time to head 'home' to our bungalow. The setting sun was again incredible, but with driving - no pictures! I had really enjoyed doing the 'wrong side' thing, and don't think I'd baulk at the idea on future holidays. Tomorrow, we were going to do a 'bit of a walk' - thirteen hours, as it turned out!

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