Monday, 2 April 2012

Gran Canaria part four

......Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home.......but where WAS home, I wondered? They didn't have much indigenous wildlife on the island, and I wondered how this one (or it's ancestors) had got here? After a short while, she flew off - the only ladybird I saw while we were there.

Soon, we were at the highlight of the trip - a lay-by with this view of Bentaiga rock, and the star of the show (and something we'd heard a lot about) Roque Nublo.

It was like a different world, up here. At this point, we were feeling very frustrated. We'd seen Roque Nublo, but didn't stop at it! It was obvious that this trip wasn't meant to explore things - just look at them. Fair enough, but we wanted more, and were already making plans to do just that.

This is overlooking the capital city of Las Palmas in the North of the island. To be honest, this was as close as we wanted to get.

The next stop was at a small and beautiful village called 'Fataga'. There were many of these white churches on the island (as we were to discover for ourselves). This one has a particularly good bell and clock tower.

Time for lunch at Vallesco. Again, an huge place to say it was right out in the sticks! The lunch was excellent and very generous.

They did this home-made bread which was delicious. As soon as we ate it - they put another one on the table. The same with the wine, if you finished the bottle, another one was brought straight away.

Sue, always happy when there's ice cream :-)

The next stop was a small village called 'Teror'. Alan, the guide, couldn't resist telling us that people from there were called 'Teror-ists' (groan). This is their version of the white church.

Bell and clock the opposite way round here.

The houses in the village were beautiful. Most had a balcony too.

The streets were immaculately clean - no dog mess here!

These steps had been made amazing by the addition of a waterfall down the middle from top to bottom.

After Teror, the buses went the quick route  (the motorway) back to our hotel. I have to say, this had been a really good trip, and it had whetted our appetite to explore more. I think it's time to look at car hire prices! For now, it was back to our complex and a short dance show (and a few beers).

The dancers were really nice and had GREAT rhythm!

I mean - just look at the rhythm on her!

At this point, most sensible people would go home to bed.

Of course, Sue isn't sensible!

It'll all end in tears, I tell you (actually, we laughed like drains, and the tears were of mirth - it was a wonder we weren't thrown off the site!)
Tomorrow - we head for the hills under our OWN steam - we had taken the bull by the horns and arranged car hire. Some REALLY good pictures coming in the next instalment.

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Cheap2Chic said...

I love the waterfall down the steps idea, I wonder why this hasn't been adopted here? Mmmmm maybe it has. xx