Thursday, 3 May 2012

Gran Canaria, final part

So, that was it – the end of our ten days. Well – more like eleven really as the complex said that, as our flight wasn’t until 8PM, we could leave all our stuff there, and they’d even let us change and shower later. Sorted! We packed our cossies and set off for a day on the beach. We passed this fine example of the candelabra cactus on our way.

We also thought we’d take a trip into the northern end of the dunes to see if we could spot any lizards (we didn’t). This was also where they did the camel dune trips from.

I know we’re all God’s creatures, but these things are HELLISH ugly!!

But, they served a purpose, so it was time to head off ‘a la Lawrence’. We weren’t tempted though, preferring to use a pony (Shanks’)

When we got into the dunes, the ‘breeze’ was quite strong – more like a sirocco (that’s desert wind, to you). Look how it’s dug a hole behind this stone.

After our walk, we decided to go and relax on the beach. Does anyone know how to get there though??

It’s THAT way, mate. (Thanks, Columbus).

We passed this dilapidated and closed cafe on our way. I jokingly told Sue that was where I’d planned for us to have lunch.

Salubrious? NOT!

These roadside thermometers became a thing of ridicule. We often saw up to half a dozen or more in a day walking, and most of them showed a different temperature?

This ‘statue’ was SO good, he even fooled the pigeons!

Lunchtime came, and we saw that this particular restaurant had a local food called ‘gofio’ on the menu. The guide had talked about it on our trip at the beginning of this holiday, and said how Canarians ate it at most meals. What was it like? We just HAD to try it! It came, and it was a thick paste in consistency, but served with marinated onion to dip, we quite liked it (and bought a bag to bring home). It’s a ground down sweetcorn powder, and makes chicken taste really lovely.

The last supper (well, lunch).

Fish, in what was described as a Basque sauce. I’ve been to the Basque region of France, and this really was good – the two fish steaks were HUGE as well.

Happy Susie :-)  Amazing what a couple of glasses of Sangria can do!

Oh look – it’s twenty EIGHT now!

But, after a fantastic holiday, it was time to make our way back, collect our cases, and head for home and a return to winter.

Which way, Chris?


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